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You agree to be bound by our website rules and any laws which may apply to this website and your participation.
The website administration has the right to terminate your account at any time, delete any content you may have posted, and your IP address and any data you input to the website is recorded to assist the site staff with their moderation duties.
The site administration has the right to change these terms and conditions, and any site rules, at any point without warning. Whilst you may be informed of any changes, it is your responsibility to check these terms and the rules at any point.

    1.1) By playing at Gaming-storm.cz Minecraft Servers (GSMC), the player accepts all the rules and terms below.
    1.2) The interpretation of the rules is the responsibility of the members of the admin team (hereinafter referred to as the team).
    1.3) It is forbidden to lie to team members.
    1.4) Any promotion of other game servers is prohibited.
        a) The following are considered advertising: Server name, game server links.
        b) The severity of the ad is determined by the team member.
    1.5) Prohibiting the use of programs that in any way favor you over other players.
        a) This means eg FlyHack, X-Ray, Kill-Aura ..
    1.6) It is forbidden to impersonate a team member in any way.
    1.7) The player is obliged to report any server error in the given forum section.
    1.8) It is strictly forbidden to use server errors for your own benefit.
    1.9) The player is obliged to report a violation in the forum section.
    1.10) We are not responsible for any gaming inter-player transactions or trades.
    1.11) A player has the right to appeal to the forum if he believes he has been wrongly accused or punished.
        a) An exception may occur when the team management decides.
    1.12) A player must not dramatically affect the performance of the GSMC.
        a) An exception may occur if the performance was affected by a GSMC error.
    1.13) It is forbidden to damage the GSMC in any way.
    1.14) The decision of the team management is final.
    1.15) The member of the team who issued the penalty has the main say in the imposition of de-mining or similar withdrawal.
        a) An exception may occur with the team management.
    1.16) Prohibiting game global chat spamming.
        a) Also applies to flood.
    1.17) Prohibition of insulting GSMC players in Global Chat.
    1.18) Any manifestation of racial intolerance or affection for extremist groups is punishable by immediate permanent ban according to the laws of the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic.
        a) Sexual references or suggestions may be considered sexual harassment, which is also a violation of the laws of the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic and may be reported to the competent authorities.
        b) Please note that there is no age limit for playing on GSMC.

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